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Commercial Solar Installation Lancashire

When the team at Contact Packaging approached us with an interest in our commercial solar installation services, we were more than prepared to undertake the project. It was a unique opportunity to align our business operations and demonstrate not only our commitment to sustainable solutions but also our work ethic and professionalism. Our Managing Director was particularly thrilled to see the synergy between the two companies, highlighting our ability to work in unison while implementing impactful environmental decisions.

For Contact Packaging, the move to commercial solar installation represents not just an investment in their business, but also a deepening of their commitment to environmental stewardship. This step amplifies their dedication to the environment, which is evident not only in their use of recyclables but now also in their approach to energy consumption. By harnessing the power of the sun, they are significantly reducing their carbon footprint, reinforcing their reputation as a forward-thinking company that values sustainability.

For Contact Renewables, the youngest member of the Contact Group, this project held a greater significance. We knew we had to prove our prowess not only to our colleagues from the parent company but also to their vast client base who are themselves looking to make sustainable energy a priority. We viewed this as an opportunity to demonstrate our technical acumen, dedication to renewable energy solutions, and our ability to deliver high-quality, efficient commercial solar installations. This project was not just about meeting expectations, but about setting new standards in the industry, driving the shift towards sustainable energy solutions, and cementing our reputation as a reliable partner in the journey towards a greener future.

The office, warehouse, and printing facility in Preston don’t consume an exorbitant amount of energy, which prompted us to aim for the most optimised level of solar installation we could. Our main objective was to generate significant savings while maintaining a reasonable payback period. This approach aligns with our core principles of offering the best quality service, whilst ensuring maximum energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This optimised commercial solar installation provides a balance between the initial investment and the long-term benefits, promoting sustainable practices without compromising on economic feasibility.

Our design team faced the complex challenge of creating an array of just the right size, with a focus on efficiency and effectiveness. With their combined expertise and innovative thinking, they conceived a plan using 126, 500W modules and a Huawei 50kW inverter. This combination not only was precisely tailored to the energy requirements of the premises but also offered superior performance. The team’s commitment to delivering optimal solutions meant that they achieved a perfect balance, creating a commercial solar installation that would maximise ROI while meeting energy needs in the most environmentally friendly manner possible. This project was a testament to our team’s proficiency in designing and implementing solar solutions that are both efficient and practical, reinforcing our position as a leader in the commercial solar installation sector.

The installation itself was a straightforward task for our seasoned installers, who completed the job within a week. The utilisation of a scissor lift and scaffold ensured easy and safe access for carrying all the equipment to the roof. Moreover, as the project was on a trapezoidal roof, the installation process was relatively simple. This efficient setup exemplifies our team’s expert handling of equipment and adeptness in managing different types of roof configurations in commercial solar installations. Our team’s commitment to safety, precision, and efficiency echoes loudly in each step of our work, reinforcing our position as leading professionals in the field of commercial solar installation.

Once the installation was completed, our colleagues were set up on a remote monitoring app. This user-friendly tool allows them to view in real time what power they are generating, using, and how much they’re reliant on the grid. Furthermore, it also indicates how much they’re exporting back to the grid. A key feature of the app is the capacity to estimate their savings, providing a tangible return on investment. Additionally, it quantifies their contribution to carbon reduction because of the solar generation.

The reaction was overwhelmingly positive, particularly from our accounts department, who were quick to highlight the savings made from April to June. With a remarkable reduction of during this period, their feedback was arguably the best testament to the efficacy of our commercial solar installation. This not only validated our efforts but also underscored the significant economic benefits of embracing renewable energy solutions. This substantial savings, combined with the environmental benefits, makes commercial solar installation an ideal choice for businesses looking to optimise their operations in a sustainable manner.

At Contact Renewables, a proud member of the Contact Group, we firmly believe that solar energy is the future for all businesses looking to reduce their escalating overheads and make a positive impact on sustainability. The transition to solar is an uncomplicated process in every aspect, from initial consultation to design and installation. We’re dedicated to making this process seamless, taking charge of every step without causing any disruption to your day-to-day operations. Our comprehensive service is catered specifically towards businesses, just like all other branches of the Contact Group. Rest assured, we are ready and able to bring the same level of commitment to you and your business, helping you transition smoothly and efficiently towards a sustainable future.

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Contact Renewables: Your Sustainable Energy Partner

Becoming a sustainable energy partner with Contact Renewables is more than just an investment in renewable energy—it’s a step towards creating a greener, more sustainable future for your business.