Preston, PR5 6SY

6kW Solar Array in Preston

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A 6kW solar array is perfect for our client who has quite high electricity usage and wants to offset the cost by installing solar panels. This system will provide enough power to cover most of the customers energy needs and help reduce their monthly utility bill.

We've helped one family achieve their energy goals with an innovative system that provides them freedom and savings. The solar array consists of 6,500 watts worth (6KW) panels as well as a hybrid inverter from our friends at SAJ! For storing power when it's not needed, we installed two SAJ 5kW batteries – totalling 10kW of stored energy, giving this household plenty to play around with without ever feeling beholden or restricted by what their energy bill is going to be that month.

When the weather forecast for that week showed rain, we had to think long and hard about getting on the roof on the day of the install with us having to remove tiles to install some of the traditional mounting system and working at a height in heavy rain. But as always, even when things don't go perfectly according-to plan, we had an alternative way to continue to avoid any disruption. We decided it would be best in terms of efficiency if we installed the inverter and battery’s first and then follow up on the second day fitting the panels, providing we the weather wasn’t as bad.

By mid-afternoon on day two, we had completed all installation and wiring work for the solar panels. The rain wasn't as bad during this time, so we made sure to get everything installed before it got worse. We pushed onward with fitting our mounting system as well as the panels, so if the rains did get worse, we was at least back inside wiring up!

The ballasted part of the mounting system is straight forward and less work than the traditional style and requires no attachment to the roof. This part of system has panels mounted on rails at an angle, which are weighed down by heavy ballast. The rest of the panels were fitted to the traditional hook and rail system which see’s us remove tiles to fit hooks, before replacing the tiles and fitting the solar panels to the rails.

After we completed the installation, we then run the system to make sure that it's working as expected and we take this time to fill out any information the inverter needs while also adjusting the programming for the family’s specific needs. Once satisfied with everything we begin commissioning and the handover process. During this we explain what we have done, taking any questions which might help the client understand their new system that bit more.

Once the handover is complete, we continue to offer support, taking more questions, helping to adjust settings and we monitor the system from a live feed which allows us to offer remote support and assistance 24/7.

Another happy client for us who has reduced not only their rising energy cost, but also their family’s carbon footprint.