Contact Renewables is leading the way once again in renewable energy solutions, with the successful completion of its latest installation of Worsley, Manchester solar panels. This impressive undertaking boasts an 8kWp system, backed by an efficient battery storage setup, marking a significant step forward to the client’s commitment to sustainable energy. As we harness the power of the sun, we not only lessen our dependence on fossil fuels but also move closer to a cleaner and greener future.

Our client approached us with a unique challenge: to design and complete the solar installation while their extensive home renovations were already in progress. They were keen to ensure that the solar system would seamlessly integrate with their newly renovated property without causing any disruptions. In response, our team visited the site to conduct a comprehensive survey. This essential step allowed us to accumulate the necessary data about the property’s layout, orientation, and energy requirements. Armed with this crucial information, our expert designer meticulously crafted a customised system that would fit perfectly within the property, ensuring optimal performance and aesthetic appeal. The synchronised efforts between the home renovation and solar installation processes ensured a smooth and efficient execution, culminating in a successful project completion.

The decision was made to utilise a flat roof on the property for the solar array installation, given its south-facing aspect. This orientation is ideal for maximising the generation of solar power. The mounting system we used is from Van der Valk, a non-penetrative solution revered in the industry for its blend of practicality and visual appeal. This system is not only a pleasure to install, but it also offers robust performance and an aesthetically pleasing finish. The durability of the Van der Valk system, coupled with its unobtrusive design, ensures that it seamlessly integrates with the building’s architecture while withstanding the British weather. This critical component of the installation further signifies the harmony between functionality and design in our solar solutions.

The solar array was composed of 16 high-performance 500w Longi modules. Longi, being a market-leading brand in the industry, guarantees the quality of its products. Each module comes with a 25-year performance warranty, ensuring 25 years of consistent and reliable generation before they begin to degrade. These high-output panels are renowned as one of the best options available on the market, reflecting our commitment to providing our clients with top-of-the-line, durable, and efficient solar solutions.

Inside the home, we installed two distinct types of inverters: a hybrid one and a string inverter. The larger part of the array was connected to the hybrid inverter, which is designed to manage the power supply smartly. During periods of high solar production, it diverts excess energy into the home’s battery storage system. Conversely, when the demand for power outstrips the solar generation, it facilitates the discharge of energy from the batteries to meet the requirement. This smart system ensures an efficient and optimal use of power, minimising waste and promoting sustainability.

The battery storage system we used for this project comprised of four 5.2kWh batteries, providing a total capacity of 20.8kWh. This robust setup is instrumental in maintaining power supply during times of low solar generation, such as evenings or cloudy days. By storing the surplus energy generated during the day, it allows for a seamless transition to battery power when the sun sets, effectively utilising the excess solar power and ensuring uninterrupted provision of electricity.

The second inverter, a string inverter, was connected to a smaller number of panels. This inverter works by converting the power from the solar panels directly into electricity that can be used immediately within the home. It’s a system that is designed for efficiency, channelling the solar power directly to where it’s needed most, thereby reducing reliance on grid power and ensuring that the home receives the power directly as its generated.

Our deliberate use of these two inverter types demonstrates our commitment to creating bespoke, high-performance solar solutions that truly meet the unique energy needs of each household. This system further enhances the efficiency of the solar installation, reaffirming our steadfast dedication to providing sustainable and innovative energy solutions.

Despite the extensive nature of the project, we are proud to highlight that the entire solar installation process was completed within a day. This swift and efficient execution not only minimised disruptions to the household but also enabled our client to benefit immediately from on-site generation. From day one, the system started harnessing the sun’s power, converting it into usable electricity for the house, and storing excess power into the battery system for later use. This remarkable turnaround time is a testament to our team’s dedication, expertise, and commitment to delivering high-quality services, ultimately reinforcing Contact Renewables’ position as a market leader within the renewable energy sector.

The only remaining task was to complete the handover process. During this stage, our assigned project manager would thoroughly inspect the system alongside the client, demonstrating its functionality and setting them up on the remote monitoring application. Additionally, we provide them with the handover pack, containing all the essential information such as a copy of the DNO confirmation, manuals, a wiring diagram, and the MCS certificate.

If you’re considering a solar installation for your home, don’t hesitate to contact our team today. At Contact Renewables, we uphold the highest standards of workmanship and utilise the best technology from market-leading brands we trust. As part of our commitment to enabling sustainable energy solutions, we ensure our pricing is highly competitive. Begin your journey to cleaner energy and lower bills by receiving your free consultation and proposal today.