Our solar installation for David Kendrick, CEO of UHY Hacker Young, is rooted in a mutual understanding of the importance of sustainable energy solutions. As a keen financial strategist, David recognises the long-term economical and environmental dividends of harnessing solar energy. Considerations for the installation were not only to decrease reliance on conventional electricity sources, but also to demonstrate a commitment to sustainable practices. The decision to invest in renewable energy solutions is a testament to David’s forward-thinking approach and his dedication to imbuing financial wisdom with environmental consciousness. This move sets a powerful example for businesses and individuals alike, underlining the fact that investment in renewable energy is a wise, profitable, and environmentally responsible decision.

Delving into the technical details of the installation, we carried out a meticulous setup to maximise efficiency and output. A total of 12 LONGI 405W modules were installed across the roof. This array, designed with careful consideration of the available space, is optimised for the highest possible generation. To further enhance the capabilities of the system, we installed the SAJ inverter and battery combination, a solution known for its exceptional value and performance. This solar power system, tailored to David’s residence, is a demonstration of superior technology and strategic implementation. By choosing Contact Renewables, David has not only invested in a financial asset but also endorsed a cleaner and more sustainable future.

David initially approached us not just as the CEO of UHY Hacker Young, one of the most successful accountancy firms in the country. Given his professional background, we were fully aware that he would scrutinise the financial aspects of our proposal with keen precision. After meticulously designing the most efficient array possible that also offered excellent value, we presented our proposal with anticipation. David’s almost immediate approval served as a strong testament to the quality and value of our design. This quick decision underscored the generous payback period and exceptional savings that our solar solution provides, further solidifying the reputation of Contact Renewables for delivering superior renewable energy installations.

The environmental dividends of this solar installation are monumental. This new solar array is estimated to offset approximately 1 tonne of CO2 per annum, a substantial contribution towards combating greenhouse gas emissions. It will offset a significant 70% of David’s energy consumption, thereby reducing dependence on traditional, carbon-intensive power sources. This is a notable stride towards a greener, more sustainable lifestyle for David and his family.
Moreover, the efficiency of the inverter and battery storage means that David will be able to utilise around 95% of the generated energy, relegating a mere 5% for export. This level of self-sufficiency not only bolsters the appeal of solar power but also makes a robust case for its practicality. It’s worth mentioning that any excess energy exported back to the grid will yield financial recompense from the supplier, making this a win for both the planet and David.
In essence, yet another solar installation by Contact Renewables at this domestic residence embodies the harmonious blend of economic prudence and environmental stewardship. The results serve as a testament to the tangible benefits of renewable energy and stand as a beacon, encouraging more businesses and individuals to transition towards clean, renewable energy solutions.

We would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt thanks to David for entrusting Contact Renewables with his solar PV project. It’s been an honour to work with such an esteemed individual who not only prioritises financial prudence but also acknowledges the long-term environmental benefits of renewable energy. His investment in a solar solution sets a commendable example for others to follow. We are proud to have been chosen for this project and for the opportunity to contribute our expertise to such a significant endeavour. We look forward to continuing this sustainable journey together.

If you’re intrigued by David’s journey into solar energy and are considering a similar move for your home or business, we invite you to get in touch with us at Contact Renewables for the installation of solar panels Manchester UK. Our team is on hand for a relaxed, no-obligation conversation offering you a free proposal tailored to your specific needs. You can contact us via our form on our website, drop us an email at sales@solar-installers.co.uk, or call us directly on 01772 364405. We look forward to the opportunity to guide you on your path towards renewable energy.